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Friday, April 10, 2009

Brown Brothers Prosecco

Had to do a bit of a double-take when I saw this one. It's a Prosecco from Australia. Because Prosecco is the grape variety and not the region, I guess there's nothing the Italians can do to stop Aussies using the name!

It's made by the Charmat method (where the secondary fermentation takes place in tank, rather than in the bottle), and it's very attractive and fruity. Delicious, even. I don't know how much it will retail for - currently this new wine isn't stocked in the UK.
Brown Brothers Prosecco 2008 King Valley, Australian Sparkling Wine
12% alcohol. First release of this new wine. Very attractive, bright and fruity with mandarin, pear and lemon fruit as well as nice acidity. Fizzy and fresh, this is Aussie take on Prosecco is really east to appreciate. It's also very nicely packaged. A hit. 86/100

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Prosecco isn't Champagne

I can't believe it's Easter. It has come very early this year, and instead of nice warm springtime weather, it has been freezing, with a biting wind. Despite the weather, though, I've had a couple of nice walks - this morning in Richmond Park (my favourite dog walking location at the moment, especially now that RTL has stopped mauling joggers and young children), and then this afternoon in Osterley Park (pictured).

My parents are staying for the weekend, so tonight I enlisted their help in an impromptu tasting for my Sunday Express column, where I have been given the topic of Prosecco for April 27th. We tried six examples, ranging from one that's currently in Lidl at 2.49 (a bit cidery, but - miraculously - drinkable) to a Sainsbury Taste the Difference Prosecco di Conegliano (which was quite nice and apricotty). Too few samples to draw a firm conclusion, but my impression is that Prosecco is a useful situation wine but it's rarely serious. And I don't like it all that much. Having said this, I'll wager that some readers know of biodynamic artisanal Prosecco producers who make seriously funky unsulfured wines...
Question: when RTL dies, shall I turn her into a jumper? (Only in Newcastle!)

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