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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Video: two top-notch New Zealand Syrahs

Here I take a look at New Zealand Syrah, tasting two top-notch examples on camera. Will it be the next big thing from Kiwiland? Too soon to say, with less than 300 hectares of Syrah planted in the whole country. But Iím a big fan Ė Iím excited by the wines that Iíve tried so far.

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At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Robert Giorgione said...

Jamie, I would definitely agree with you with regards to the positive potential of Syrah within NZ. Especially sited within warmer micro-climates of GG/HB. I have tasted many good examples, including the Craggy Range wines. Moreover, Martinborough is also very suitable, yet as you very precisely pointed out is cooler and more suitable for Pinot Noir. I haven't come across the wine which you presented, but I am more familiar with the Dry River and Murdoch James examples of the varietal in Martinborough.
Overall, your piece came across really well. Syrah is on the up!


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