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The Douro Valley, Portugal: Croft's Quinta da Roeda

A series of pictures from the spectacular Douro Valley in Portugal. All pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. All pictures are (c) Jamie Goode. Contact to enquire about rates for use (high resolution versions of these pictures available)

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Schist at Roeda
croftroeda1.JPG (128056 bytes)
Croft Quinta da Roeda
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Old vine, Roeda
croftroeda4.JPG (123840 bytes)
Antonio Maghaeles
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croftroeda10.JPG (117480 bytes) davidguimaerens1.JPG (59775 bytes)
David Guimaerens
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alastairrobertson.JPG (75192 bytes)
Alistair Robertson
adrianbridge2.JPG (59020 bytes)
Adrian Bridge
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roeda24.JPG (149541 bytes) roeda25.JPG (119930 bytes) roeda27.JPG (174632 bytes) roeda28.JPG (141665 bytes)

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