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The Douro Valley, Portugal (2)

A series of pictures from the spectacular Douro Valley in Portugal. All pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. All pictures are (c) Jamie Goode. Contact to enquire about rates for use (high resolution versions of these pictures available)

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Pinhao station
pinhao tiles1.jpg (85670 bytes)
Tiles at Pinhao station
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pinhao view1.jpg (75956 bytes) q apicrestes.jpg (80011 bytes) quinta roriz.jpg (74155 bytes)
Quinta de Roriz
vale meao.jpg (78310 bytes)
Quinta do Vale Meao
vargellas1.jpg (62239 bytes)
Quinta de Vargellas
vargellas2.jpg (67114 bytes) vargellas3.jpg (62032 bytes) vale meao 2.jpg (89410 bytes)
vesuvio1.jpg (68172 bytes)
Quinta de Vesuvio
vesuvio2.jpg (73258 bytes)
vesuvio3.jpg (53070 bytes)
vesuvio4.jpg (68398 bytes)
vesuvio5.jpg (65945 bytes)
vesuvio6.jpg (64967 bytes)
view from pinhao.jpg (59241 bytes)

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