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The history of Australian wine: stories from the vineyard to the cellar door

By Max Allen (Victory Books, Australia 2012)
An engrossing history of Australian wine, 1900-2000, written by Max Allen drawing on an extensive oral history.

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The Grapevine: from the science to the practice of growing vines for wine

By Patrick Iland, Peter Dry, Tony Proffitt, Steve Tyerman (Patrick Iland Wine Promotions, 2011)
This textbook on the science of the grapevine is a must have for students of wine, as well as interested wine geeks

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The vineyard at the end of the world: maverick winemakers and the rebirth of Malbec

By Ian Mount (Norton, 2012)
An engrossing account of the evolution of the modern wine industry in Argentina, written by an Argentine-based journalist

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Pinot Noir: The New Zealand Story
By John Saker (Random House NZ, 2011)

An attractively illustrated account of the vibrant Pinot Noir scene in New Zealand. Well written with a lot of good photography by Aaron McClean.

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The Finest Wines of Burgundy
By Bill Nanson (Aurum, 2012)

The latest in the wonderful series of wine books from the World of Fine Wine, this book on Burgundy is authored by Bill Nanson of the Burgundy Report (a specialist website). It contains a brilliant introduction to the region and its wines, plus profiles of 90 key producers. 

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Naked Wine: letting grapes do what comes naturally
By Alice Feiring (Da Capo, 2011)

One of the most important wine books in recent years, this is Alice Feiring's narrative of her quest to find the roots of natural wine, and to make some, too. 

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Voodoo vintners: Oregon's astonishing biodynamic winegrowers
By Katherine Cole (Oregon State University Press, 2011)

Katherine Cole has written an important book, examining the increasingly popular biodynamic approach to viticulture. She tells the story of how this has been successfully adopted by several wine estates in her home state of Oregon.

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The Wine Opus
(Dorling Kindersley, 2010 - in the USA this is published as Opus Vino)
A huge book, written by a team of the wine world's rising stars, with 4000 producer profiles and information on key wine regions globally.

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Inside Burgundy, by Jasper Morris
(Berry Bros & Rudd Press, 2010)
The latest, and possibly greatest work on the wines of Burgundy, written by the literate and knowledgeable Jasper Morris.

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