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Photographs from Portuguese vineyards
The Alentejo region, part 4

A gallery of pictures from the Alentejo, a large wine region in the south of Portugal.  Click on thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

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Cartuxa winery: outdoor tanks

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Cartuxa older barrels

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Old amphorae at Cartuxa
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Cartuxa winery
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Cartuxa vineyard
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Cartuxa vineyard
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cartuxa_vineyard2.jpg (62994 bytes)
Cartuxa vines
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Cartuxa Pera Manca bottle
cartuxa_label.jpg (14006 bytes)
Cartuxa bottle
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Cartuxa winery and vineyard
cartuxa_amphora.jpg (38072 bytes)
An old amphora