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Photographs from Portuguese vineyards
The Alentejo region, part 3

A gallery of pictures from the Alentejo, a large wine region in the south of Portugal.  Click on thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures © Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

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Mouchão: a barrel from the revolution when the winery was taken over

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Mouchão bottles

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Mouchão: the high vertical trellis with vines alternately trained high and low
mouchao_foudres.jpg (20040 bytes)
Mouchão: old foudres
mouchao_oldbottles.jpg (23421 bytes)
Mouchão: old bottles
mouchao_winery.jpg (57437 bytes)
Mouchão: the ultra traditional winery
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Mouchão: view over the vines to the cork groves
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Mouchão: distinctive trellising with one vine low, one vine high in sequence
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Mouchão: showing the trellising
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joaoramos.jpg (45331 bytes)
Joao Portugal Ramos
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ramos_1_vineyard.jpg (43407 bytes)
Vineyards: JP Ramos
ramos_limestone.jpg (72691 bytes)
Limestone soils: JP Ramos vineyard, Estremoz
ramos2.jpg (14667 bytes)
The entry gates
ramos3.jpg (38105 bytes)
Limestone soil vineyard, Ramos, with redder, more clayey soil lower down 
ramos5.jpg (86883 bytes)
Limestone vineyard (Ramos)
estremoz_vineyard.jpg (51334 bytes)
View over vineyard, Estremoz
estremoz1.jpg (39149 bytes)
View of Estremoz