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Monday, June 16, 2008

Consolation in natural wine

Had a bit of a rubbish day yesterday. Supposed to be fathers' day, but the kids were appalling (most specifically older son) and it was all a bit depressing. So I turned to wine, and specifically a rather remarkable natural wine. Suddenly, everything seemed a lot better.

Le Clos de Tu-Boeuf La Guerrerie Vin de Table FranÁais
This is actually from the 2006 vintage, and itís a wine made by Thierry Puzelat in the Loire, from a blend of Cot (aka Malbec, 70%) and Gamay (30%), with the grapes grown in the Cheverny appellation. Following Doug Wreggís advice (heís the dude from Les Caves de Pyrene who import this into the UK), I chilled it down and decanted it before drinking. Itís fantastic, life-affirmining, Ďaliveí wine. Itís aromatic with some earthy, spicy depth to the dark fruits. In the mouth itís refreshing and bright with a lovely dense, grippy, spicy earthy quality under the focused bright fruit. It finishes quite grippy, but the defining feature is the brightness. Itís a natural tasting sort of wine thatís just so easy to drink. Itís kind of like Pinot Noir, but with some edges. 91/100 (£11.75 Les Caves de Pyrene)

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At 12:10 AM, Blogger mrfroopy said...

I love all T Puzelat's wines. I am glad you do too.. also
had the Tissot Red Arbois recently and also great..


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