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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer beer

Couple of beers with lunch today. You know, beer really is fantastic, and it's cheap, too. Rubbish beer and world class beer both cost about the same. And Britain makes some of the world's very best beers.

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale, Shepherd Neame
Brewed with New Zealand Gem and Hallertau hops. Orange/gold in colour. This is a fresh, savoury style with some citrussy notes as well as a pleasant hoppy edge. There's a bit of spiciness here, too. Deliciously savoury. 8/10

Badger Hopping Hare 'Thrice Hopped'
The 'thrice hopped' refers to the practice of using Super Styrian hops twice during the brewing process, and then at the end adding Styrian Goldings for aromatic lift. This is a warm, complex beer with a fudgey, toffee edge to the honeyed fruit. It's backed up with a spicy, slightly bitter finish. 7/10

Both were around 1.30 from Tesco, which currently has a beer and cider promotion (everything is 20% off).



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