Gamay focus 24, Samantha Gamay 2014 Okanagan, Canada

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Gamay focus 24, Samantha Gamay 2014 Okanagan, Canada

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Continuing with the series on Gamay, I’m sticking with the Okanagan Valley in Canada. I’m in Whistler, now, and this wine is from Samantha Rahn, who’s the wine director at Araxi restaurant here. She made this wine at Okanagan Crush Pad (OCP), in collaboration with winemaker Matt Dumayne. A substantial portion of the wine was aged in concrete, which is the OCP style. [This, of course, isn’t a wine that many will be able to find. But I quite like that on this site I can, on occasion, just write about interesting things without a concern for where they are available. It’s about what is interesting.]

Samantha Gamay 2014 Okanagan, Canada
13.1% alcohol. This shows generous, elegant textured sweet cherry and plum fruit with a really smooth, rounded character. There’s a lovely elegance and smoothness to this wine, with silky, velvety structure and fruit purity. Seamless and fine-grained with lovely generous fruit, but also some finesse. There’s a superficial simple fruit quality to this wine, but beneath this there’s also some depth and complexity, too. It’s ripe, but not overly so, and I just love the texture on this wine. 90/100

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  1. Jamie; I’m wondering if you might wish to taste Edmunds St. John Gamay. We established that plantings responsible for the RPM wine, and were the first to plant Gamay intentionally in California since the 1960s.
    Let me know how to get a sample to you if you are interested.
    kind regards,

    Steve Edmunds
    Edmunds St. john

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