Gamay focus, 7 - Domaine des Hauts de Chasselay Coteaux du Lyonnais

coteaux du lyonnais gamay

So, in the next episode of my quest to explore Gamay, I’m heading just south of Beaujolais to the Coteaux du Lyonnais, a small appellation of 370 hectares of vines to the west of Lyon. It’s a little known AOP, which works in favour of the consumer because the prices are modest. Indeed, this is a remarkable bargain at just £6.95 from The Wine Society, because it’s a proper expression of Gamay. This isn’t the world’s greatest ever red wine, but it is fully enjoyable and authentic, and not tricked around with, and is capable of delivering a lot of pleasure. At this price point, its peer group is simple commercial, mass market wine, and this is a lot better than that.

Domaine des Hauts de Chasselay Gamay 2014 Coteaux du Lyonnais, France
12.5% alcohol. Fresh, supple red cherry and cranberry fruit, with some raspberry, too. Bright with nice grip and good acidity. This is a juicy, focused red wine with good acidity, and it is just so drinkable and pure. 89/100 (£6.95 The Wine Society)

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