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Announcing UKwinesites.com

This weekend sees the launch of UKwinesites.com, an exciting new cooperative venture involving four of the UK’s leading wine websites. This is the press release that we have prepared, which explains what we are trying to do.

Tesco promoting Sainsbury's? Oddbins recommending you have a browse around Majestic? Now wouldn't that be a refreshing new take on commerce?

Well, that's exactly what is happening with four of the UK's most popular wine information web sites, who have banded together to create www.ukwinesites.com. UKwinesites is an association that celebrates and promotes the best of free, independent wine information in cyber space. Its founder members are wine-pages.com, finewinediary.com, wineanorak.com and winedoctor.com.

Though these sites could be regarded as competitors, behind each is a genuine enthusiast who has harnessed the power of the web to communicate their love for wine. Rather than compete, the four sites want all online wine-lovers to experience the best of British wine online, and it is mutual respect and shared passion which has led to the formation of ukwinesites.com.

The four founding sites can offer:

  • over 20,000 tasting notes

  • the UK's most vibrant on-line wine discussion forum

  • a complete on-line wine course

  • hundreds of contentious articles and features

  • a directory of UK wine stores

  • interactive elements like wine quizzes and debates

  • UK and worldwide dining and wine travel guides

  • much, much more….

The criteria for membership of ukwinesites are:

  • members are independent and not aligned to larger organisations

  • access to all information is free and needs no registration

  • members do not sell wine, or endorse wine for payment

  • members make no commission on wine bought through their advertisers

  • wine information is of the highest quality

  • visitor privacy is valued at all times

  • member sites are regularly updated and professionally maintained  

The founder members of UKwinesites meet regularly, both on- and off-line, and will continue to work together to promote the best of free, independent wine information available in the UK.  Please visit www.ukwinesites.com to find out more about the member sites, the people behind them, and what UKwinesites is all about. 

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