Wine Photographs 
South Africa: Durbanville, Franschhoek and Elgin

A series of pictures from three wine regions in South Africa: Durbanville, Franschhoek and Elgin, taken in October 2010. All pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. All pictures are (c) Jamie Goode. Contact to enquire about rates for use (high resolution versions of these pictures available)

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House at Graham Beck, Franschhoek
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Franschhoek valley
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Franschhoek valley
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Andrew Gunn, proprietor of Iona
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John Seccombe, winemaker at Iona
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Paul Cluver
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Andries Burger, winemaker at Paul Cluver Wines
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Oak Valley winemaker/viticulturalist Pieter Visser
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