Wine Photographs 
The Mosel, Germany

A series of pictures from Germany's Mosel wine region, which has to be one of the world's most spectacular. All pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. All pictures are (c) Jamie Goode. Contact to enquire about rates for use (high resolution versions of these pictures available)

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Urziger Wurzgarten
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The village of Urzig
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P1000240.JPG (125383 bytes) P1000238.JPG (125659 bytes) IMGP7851.JPG (78600 bytes) P1000229.JPG (79326 bytes)
P1000232.JPG (80720 bytes) P1000230.JPG (130414 bytes) IMGP7834.JPG (82850 bytes) IMGP7847.JPG (104620 bytes)
IMGP7837.JPG (97054 bytes) IMGP7842.JPG (57926 bytes) IMGP7843.JPG (80147 bytes)
P1000227.JPG (154516 bytes)
P1000234.JPG (110130 bytes) IMGP7845.JPG (116141 bytes)
Urziger Wurzgarten soil
IMGP7870.JPG (61202 bytes)
Ernst Loosen
IMGP7822.JPG (103710 bytes)
Soils in Erdener Pralat
IMGP7798.JPG (85087 bytes)
Erdener Pralat
IMGP7808.JPG (105801 bytes) IMGP7829.JPG (126665 bytes) IMGP7827.JPG (108318 bytes)
IMGP7825.JPG (91098 bytes) P1000228.JPG (96862 bytes)
The village of Erden
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IMGP7859.JPG (79251 bytes)
Wehlener Sonnenuhr

IMGP7857.JPG (96899 bytes)
IMGP7862.JPG (130656 bytes) IMGP7860.JPG (115253 bytes)
P1000250.JPG (106807 bytes)
Graacher Domprobst
P1000253.JPG (76183 bytes)
Graacher Himme;reich

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