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Photographs from Portuguese vineyards
The Dão region, part 3

A gallery of pictures from the Dão, a wine region in the north of Portugal. Click on thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures © Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

pellada1.jpg (72498 bytes)
Quinta da Pellada
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flowering_carvalhais.jpg (36263 bytes)
Flowering, Quinta dos Carvalhais
passarella4.jpg (64220 bytes)
Vineyard at Passarela
pellada_dog.jpg (71527 bytes)
Quinta da Pellada, featuring Alvaro's dog
reception_sogrape.jpg (33960 bytes)
Reception area at Carvalhais
pellada2.jpg (51496 bytes)
Quinta da Pellada
dosroquesflowering2.jpg (37314 bytes)
Flowering vine at Quinta dos Roques
pellada_stone.jpg (59508 bytes)
Quinta da Pellada
passarella_view_large_portrait.jpg (92766 bytes)
alvaro_castro.jpg (70941 bytes)
Alvaro Castro
dosroques_flowering.jpg (44509 bytes)
Flowering Jaen vine
fieldgraft.jpg (64853 bytes)
Field graft, dos Roques
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