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Photographs from Portuguese vineyards
The Dão region, part 1

A gallery of pictures from the Dão, a wine region in the north of Portugal. Click on thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures © Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

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Traditional smallholding in the Dao, with vines planted around the edges of small plots

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Dao Sul vines

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Passarella vineyard view
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Vineyard at Pasarella
daosul_barrel.jpg (17287 bytes)
Barrels at Quinta de Cabriz, Dao Sul
daosul_vines.jpg (20802 bytes)
Young vines at Dao Sul on a high vertical trellis
dosroques5.jpg (19804 bytes)
Quinta dos Roques
dosroques4_jaen.jpg (19042 bytes)
Jaen vines at Quinta dos Roques
dosroques3_touriga.jpg (23539 bytes)
Touriga Nacional vines at Quinta dos Roques
santar1.jpg (31475 bytes)
Pedro de Vasconcellos 
e Souza of Casa de Santar
daosul_youngvines2.jpg (22701 bytes)
Young vines, Quinta dos Roques
daosul_winery.jpg (21644 bytes)
The winery at Dao Sul
dao_roques1.jpg (72322 bytes)
Quinta dos Roques
daosul_carlosvines.jpg (25283 bytes)
Carlos Moura of Dao Sul