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Photographs from Australian wine regions
Adelaide Hills

A gallery of pictures from the Adelaide Hills wine region in Australia, from a couple of days spent with Brian Croser in September 2005. Click thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

brian_ann_croser.jpg (17211 bytes)
Brian and Ann Croser
briancroser_conmoshos.jpg (107116 bytes)
Brian Croser and Con Moshos, then winemaker at Petaluma, since moved on to Mountadam
yeast_experiment2.jpg (37766 bytes)
A Brian Croser yeast experiment
brian_croser1.jpg (19692 bytes)
Brian Croser
croser_home.jpg (55822 bytes)
Tiers Vineyard, with theCroser family home in the background
brian_croser3.jpg (53281 bytes)
Brian Croser
con_moshos.jpg (44222 bytes)
Con Moshos
geoff_weaver.jpg (48877 bytes)
Geoff Weaver
picadilly_2_small.jpg (26938 bytes)
Vineyard at Piccadilly
tiers_vineyard_buds_large.jpg (154044 bytes)
Tiers vineyard budding
picadilly_bird.jpg (106781 bytes) picadilly_closeup_large.jpg (86093 bytes)
picadillY_trunk2.jpg (88938 bytes) picadilly_view.jpg (73474 bytes)
picadillY_view1.jpg (87196 bytes)
picadillY_view3.jpg (77813 bytes) piccadilly_view3.jpg (72453 bytes) tiers1.jpg (74250 bytes)
Tiers Vineyard
tiers3.jpg (55876 bytes)
Tiers Vineyard
tiers4.jpg (38010 bytes)
Tiers Vineyard
tiers5.jpg (67574 bytes)
Young vines, Tiers Vineyard
tiers_and_house.jpg (70948 bytes)
Tiers Vineyard with the Croser home in the background
tiers_youngvine.jpg (87610 bytes)
Young vine, Tiers Vineyard
tiers_soil.jpg (60458 bytes)
Soil, Tiers Vineyard
tim_white.jpg (59417 bytes)
Tim White
michael_hill_smith.jpg (49334 bytes)
Michael Hill Smith
michel_bettane2.jpg (32967 bytes)
Michel Bettane

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