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The wines of André Perret, Northern Rhône, France

André Perret is one of the leading producers of Northern Rhône whites. In particular, his Condrieus are among the very best of the appellation. Having said this, his red St Josephs aren’t bad. These wines are represented in the UK by The Wine Treasury (quality@winetreasury.com), with retail prices are given in brackets. Various wines from this range are stocked by La Reserve and Philglass and Swiggot.

André Perret St Joseph Blanc 2001
Lemony twist to the nose. The soft, herb-tinged palate shows some lemony acidity. More assertive and less soapy than many Northern Rhône whites. Very good (£12.45)

André Perret Condrieu 2001
Soft, fragrant and pretty peachy nose. Good concentration of light peach and pear fruit on the palate. Good typicity to this well made wine, which shows nice balance. Modern styled. Very good+ (£20.45)

André Perret Condrieu Côteau de Chéry 2001
Very appealing herby, rubbery, slightly smoky edge to the nose. Complex palate is rich with a herby edge and some lovely complexity. Very exciting – text book stuff. Very good/excellent (£24.60)

André Perret St Joseph 2001
Vivid purple/red colour. Pure, meaty tinged raspberry fruit Syrah nose with a smoky, tarry edge. Vivid savoury edged raspberry fruit on the palate. Modern styled but very appealing. Pure Syrah fruit. Very good+ (£12.40)

André Perret St Joseph Les Grisières 2000
Pure savoury raspberry fruit with a spicy, woody edge. Savoury, concentrated spicy-edged fruit on the palate. A little woody but very well made. Very good+ (£14.95)

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