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Austrian wines from Nick Dobson  

Nick Dobson is an online/mail order merchant who stocks an unusual and interesting line-up of wines from Beaujolais, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. To my mind, though, the most interesting part of the list is the growing number of Austrian wines, which is currently being expanded to include some reds from the Burgenland region on the Hungarian border. It’s probably the largest selection of Austrian wines available in the UK. Nick sent me four of his Austrian whites from the celebrated Wachau region to try.

Dinstlgut Loiben Loibner Schütt Grüner Veltliner Kabinett 2003 Wachau
fresh nose is gently herby with some subtle peppery spice. The palate is broad and savoury with lots of subtly herby, peppery fruit character. Quite a thick texture. A nice, savoury white of some substance. Lacks a little finesse, but I like it. Very good+ 88/100 (£9.95)

Dinstlglut Loiben Riesling ‘L’ Spätlese Loibner Loibenberg 2001 Wachau
An attractive honeyed, sweet nose showing rounded lemony, melony fruit. The palate is fruity and quite rich with a nice rounded texture and a lemony, subtly herby character. Quite fresh with just a touch of residual sugar. An interesting Riesling that’s perhaps more Germanic than Austrian. Very good+ 88/100 (£14.95)

Karl Lagler Grüner Veltliner Ried Burgberg Federspiel 2002 Wachau, Austria
This is textbook Grüner Veltliner with some richness, and promise for short-term ageing. Subtle, brooding peppery nose leads to a rich, full palate with a lovely texture and good depth of ripe melony fruit (just a hint of pear and spice character). Quite a rich, concentrated style and easy to drink. Very good/excellent 90/100

Schweighofer Neuberger Smaragd Ried Loibenberg 2001 Wachau, Austria
Made from the Neuberger grape.
Very open, aromatic, exotically fruity nose—in the Gewürztraminer/Viognier mould. Floral and quite rich. The palate is rich with lots of peachy fruit. Finishes dry. A striking, alluring style of wine that’s very unusual. Very good/excellent 90/100 (£10.95)

Contact details:

Nick Dobson Wines
38 Crail Close Wokingham Berkshire RG41 2PZ

Phone:0800 8493078 Fax: 0870 4602358
Email: sales@nickdobsonwines.co.uk

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