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The wines of Mount Horrocks, Clare Valley, Australia

The Old Railway Station, Curling Street, Auburn, SA 5451, Australia
Telephone +61 8 8849 2243 Fax +61 8 8849 2265
Postal address: PO Box 111 Auburn SA 5451, Australia
E-mail: sales@mounthorrocks.com Website: www.mounthorrocks.com
UK agent: Liberty Wines (info@libertywine.co.uk)

Stephanie Toole bought the Mount Horrocks brand in 1993, and in recent years she has been picking up some rave reviews for her wines. In 1998 she set up cellar door in the old railway station of Auburn, and the wines are made by Stephanie at Jeffrey Grossetís winery (she and Grosset are married). Production is limited to just 5000 cases a year. Itís a quality operation, and I was impressed by all of these wines. The white wines are all screwcapped.

The Clare Valley, which is north of Adelaide, has a climate cooled by altitude but which is generally warm and sunny. It has developed a reputation as Australiaís leading region for Riesling.

Mount Horrocks Watervale Riesling 2002 Clare
From an unirrigated single vineyard on its own rootstocks. Very assertive fresh, limey nose. Quite elegant and lemony on the palate. A youthful style thatís already impressive but needs time to show its best. Very good/excellent

Mount Horrocks Watervale Chardonnay 2001
Fresh elegant nose with a toasty edge from the oak. Creamy, nutty undercurrent to the fruit on the palate. An appealing, fresh style. Very good/excellent

Mount Horrocks Semillon 2001
Fresh, tight limey nose is quite refined. Lean, fresh palate with good acidity. Nicely savoury. Very good+

Mount Horrocks Shiraz 1999 Clare Valley
Refined, cool-climate fruit on the nose: slightly minerally with a touch of chocolate. Chewy, savoury spicy fruit on the palate. Rich but restrained with good acidity. Very good/excellent

Mount Horrocks Cabernet/Merlot 1999 Clare Valley
Tight, chalky-edged berry fruit nose leads to a palate showing spicy, savoury fruit, some richness and good definition. Very good+

Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2002 Clare Valley
Sweet intense nose is smooth and rich with lemon and marmalade notes. Luscious, rich-textured palate showing good acidity and a lovely limey, spicy finish. Intense and rich with lots going on. Very good/excellent

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