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Friday, March 27, 2009

Films and Friday night wine

It's been ages since I saw a decent film. In fact, the last really good film I remember seeing is Sidney Lumet's Before the devil knows you're dead, and that was in BA business class flying to Argentina a year ago. Shocking.

Last night we watched the latest Bond - Quantum of Solace - and it's a woeful effort. Lots of absurd action scenes, but so little character development and an empty headed plot. Bond takes his indescructability to new levels, but action scenes and stunts alone can't carry the film, which just isn't very well written. I'm not looking for too much from Bond, but Quantum just doesn't seem to work.

It's a bit like the wine I'm drinking now: Palmer's second wine, Alter Ego 2004 (Margaux, Bordeaux). There's the essence of a good Bordeaux here, but you can see why these lots were declassified to the second wine. Structured and firm, quite correct, but without any joy or real personality. It's not often I can't bring myself to have another glass of a 40 wine. That's Bordeaux for you, I'm afraid. Palmer is one of the best, but their second wine isn't (see my report on a vertical tasting of Palmer here - I think I was a little generous on my rating of this Alter Ego then by a point or two).

Other films of late? Well, I quite liked 88 minutes, an Al Pacino action film. And Juno was quirky, well acted and fun. The latest Indiana Jones was fun with the kids, including the totally absurd fridge/atom bomb scene. But I can't think of much else. Are films getting worse, or am I just watching the wrong ones?

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At 10:16 AM, Blogger penny said...

Totally agree re Quantum of Solace - I switched it off after half an hour! Now, Burn After Reading is a different matter - an hilarious spoof by the Coen Brothers. Babel is also well worth a watch.

At 1:45 PM, OpenID Richard said...

...loved Juno - still makes me smile when I see the DVD cover in the shop! Quirky, funny, strangely uplifting an (almost) hidden gem.

I enjoyed Quantum, though (oddly) I'm not sure I'd disagree with your summary of it - but the biggest big screen at the Odeon, a packed cinema and the first night it opened made for an electric experience...

...which makes me wonder how much of my 'take' on films is context and expectation.

Parallels with wine tasting?

At 6:42 AM, Blogger Barry said...

Gran Torino..Jamie..a very good film with Clint Eastwood on top form

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous david said...

seen In Bruges? brilliant brilliant writing - best original screenplay oscar and well worth it.


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