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Monday, December 04, 2006

wine and the brain

Over at the World of Fine Wine website you can download a pdf of the first piece I did for them, back in 2004, on Wine and the brain. It's here. Clearly, I'm biased, because I write for them, but I think that this is a fantastic magazine and you should all subscribe to it.
Off to Spain at 3 am tomorrow (yes...am) with Cube's James Gabbani to visit the Diam factory. Last time I was invited there was the carrot of a Real Madrid vs. Barcelona match thrown in. I couldn't go. This time, they reckoned I was nuts enough to be persuaded without such a carrot, and the impediment of a lost night's sleep.

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At 6:45 AM, Blogger modernmod said...

I read this article when you mentioned it previously and I found it fascinating. Although I would love to subscribe at US$169 (approx. $193CDN or $48/issue) its quite pricey. I could buy 7 copies of
The Science of Wine
for that kind of money!;)

At 8:52 AM, Blogger billn said...

It's shame then Jamie that their organisation is so appalling. I was a subscriber from issue one. I renewed my subscription by a cheque in the post which was never cashed and I also (to boot) didn't receive issue 6 - ever - maybe I should be 'happy' that they sent me two issue 1's instead!

Finally I succumbed and decided to renew when the issue covering (I think Gevrey) came out - by the website, by credit card - that was close to two months ago, they took the cash and I have still not yet seen an issue.

Frankly, if it wasn't money, it would be a joke.


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