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Friday, December 01, 2006

Health...sort of

All this talk about wine and health has got me thinking. The human body is an amazing piece of engineering. We tend to focus on how it is we get sick, but for me a better perspective is gained by reversing this question: how remarkable it is that we function so well, most of the time. Think about the heart, and how it beats so consistently for so long, when a few moments' malfunction could prove fatal. Think about our skin, and how it forms such an effective self-renewing barrier. Think of your lungs, which are a warm, moist environment that would seem to be a perfect environment for nasty bugs to grow in, yet they rarely do. Still, while we tend to last a long time, we don't last forever.

Wednesday, September 4, 2041 is a day I need to avoid, apparently. According to the rather morbid but funny Death clock, it will be my last on this earth. Perhaps I should hold a big 'drink the cellar dry' party on the evening of the 3rd.

Still on the subject of health, eldest son has developed conjunctivitis and a severe, violent phobia about eye drops at the same time. You have no idea how difficult this is making family life at the moment!

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At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

How come you're gonna die so young? I'd have thought I'm going before you, yet it predicts 2064 for me!

I think I'm available for the party, though - and I dare say Keith will be too...

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey Jamie, you are going through a bit of a middle age wobble. I've just checked I've been through 330 bottles so far this year (mainly with food),I don't play football, smoke and am 44. Feel fine but must give up smoking

Get a grip man,how much are you drinking?

take care


At 12:19 AM, Anonymous D said...

2041? The infrastructure for the London Olympics might be completed by then!

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Fortunately eldest son's conjunctivitis has cleared up. Our technique of applying a pool of eyedrops to the closed eye and then forcing him to open his eye seems to have worked.

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