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Mudgee: Thistle Hill
McDonalds Road, Mudgee, NSW 2850
Tel: (02) 6373 3546 Fax: (02) 6373 3540

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When I arrived at Thistle Hill they were busy working with an old basket press, trying to press some of the grapes that they had managed to salvage from the elements (it had been raining for the best part of two weeks). This is a small winery producing a solid range of wines, most impressive of which was the Cabernet Sauvignon. Another organic producer (wines available in UK from Vintage Roots). The Shiraz had sold out and wasn't available for tasting.

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The winery cat sitting pretty

Riesling 1997
Slightly honeyed, with some citrus fruit. Pleasant.

Semillon 1998
Made with bought-in grapes. Citrus character. OK

1997 Chardonnay
Honeyed with a touch of oak. Quite harmonious.

1997 Pinot Noir
Some cherry fruit on the nose, which follows through to the palate. Full bodied; quite dense and tannic. Good.

1994 Cabernet Sauvignon
A really appealing wine. There's a mix of blackcurrant fruit, dusty, dry texture and firm tannins. Full of character and really well put together. I bought some of this.

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