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Photographs from Burgundy
Part 3: Vosne-Romanée

A gallery of pictures from the Burgundy vineyards around the village of Vosne-Romanée, one of the world's great vineyard areas and home to some serious Pinot Noir. Click on thumbnails for a larger image. (All pictures © Jamie Goode and must not be reproduced without permission.) 

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Looking down to Vosne-Romanée, over the famous La Tâche vineyard. Romanée-Conti is to the right beyond the wall, with Romanée St Vivant below it adjoining the village
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Looking over a wall to La Grande Rue, with La Tâche behind it.
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Vines, La Tâche
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Nicely situated road, with Grande Rue to the left, Romanée-Conti to the right
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La Tâche
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