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wine photo of the week
archive - a selection of some nice wine pics


barossa_caneprune.jpg (66397 bytes)
Spur pruning in the Barossa
barossa_hill.jpg (62631 bytes)
Hill in the Barossa
blaufrankisch.jpg (75405 bytes)
Blaufrankish grapes, Burgenland, Austria
buitenverwachting.jpg (63189 bytes)
Entrance, Buitenverwachting, Constantia, South Africa
cellar_gobelsburg.jpg (50594 bytes)
Cellar, Schloss Gobelsburg, Austria
crasto15.jpg (59160 bytes)
Quinta do Crasto, Douro
chablais_large_helicopter.jpg (127285 bytes)
Chalblais, Switzerland, from the air
vineshoot_alentejo.jpg (68491 bytes)
Vine shoot in the Alentejo, Portugal
clancyoldbarossavinelarge.jpg (156172 bytes)
Old vine, Clancy Fuller, Barossa
Clare_gums_2.jpg (95908 bytes)
Clare Valley, Australia
corkoakharvested.jpg (168519 bytes)
Freshly harvested cork oak, Alentejo, Portugal
douro15terrace.jpg (79430 bytes)
Douro terracing, old style
daoscenic2.jpg (107036 bytes)
Dao, Portugal
kalleske_vineyard_large.jpg (136727 bytes)
Vineyard, Kalleske, Barossa
kracher.jpg (50773 bytes)
Alois Kracher presents his 2002s
moulinrows2.jpg (67014 bytes)
Beaujolais, Moulin a Vent
picadilly3_large.jpg (94967 bytes)
Picadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, Australia
burgenland_barrels_neckenmart.jpg (66305 bytes)
Barrels, Neckenmarkt, Burgenland, Austria
closdelageorge.jpg (127050 bytes)
Clos de La George, Switzerland
wendouree.jpg (108889 bytes)
Wendouree, Clare Valley
pinot_noir_bunches.jpg (128411 bytes)
Pinot Noir bunches