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New Zealand's Marlborough region: some pictures

We humans are pretty visual creatures, so I thought it might be quite nice to try to give you the feel of some of the wine regions I've visited by means of some nice pictures. I always find I understand a region's wines a little better when I've seen the vineyards, so here are some pictures from New Zealand's Marlborough region, with a bit of annotation after each one. 

The Wairau Valley floor, looking over to the Wither Hills: this is the heart of Marlborough, and this wide row spacing is typical.

The Awatare Valley, over the other side of the Wither Hills

Montana's Brancott Estate, Wairau Valley

Another view of Brancott

Wind machines are all over the place: frost is a real issue here, and one way to deal with it is to use these propellers to get the inversion layer (a layer of slightly warmer air above the freezing lower layer) to mix in and raise the temperature. Helicopters are also used for this. 

This is the other option: to use sprinklers as frost control. The vineyard pictured is part of the massive Winegrowers of Ara estate which has been newly established.

Stoneleigh Estate's vineyard in Rapaura, another subregion

Awatare Valley

New plantings, Wairau Valley

Sauvignon Blanc, Rapaura

Frost damage

Sauvignon Blanc, Wairau Valley

Pictures taken, November 2007

see also: My guide to New Zealand wine, based on a visit in November 2007

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