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Ten reasons why wine is such a satisfying hobby
  • Variety. There are dozens of wine producing countries, hundreds of grape varieties, thousands of vineyard regions, tens of thousands of producers … you get the picture! There is no justifiable excuse for boredom in a wine drinker.
  • Wine drinking is eminently sociable. While you can drink wine alone, it is much more satisfying to share a glass or two with others, often with food.
  • Wine is culturally diverse and rich. Wines are often intimately associated with the cuisine and culture of the region that they come from, and even where they are not, wine regions are still nice places to visit (see point 5).
  • History. Following on from point 3, wine is often steeped in historical significance. It is a very old drink.
  • Tourism. Added to this, you can have tremendous fun visiting wine growing regions. Vineyards are often very pretty places, found in nice parts of the world.
  • Wine people. I've met a lot of people from around the world through my wine hobby, and they have invariably been pleasant, interesting, generous and friendly.
  • Collecting. Because wine often benefits from -- and in some cases absolutely requires -- ageing, it is often necessary to build up a collection or 'cellar' of wines.
  • It is a self-renewing hobby. You buy wine, drink it and then buy more.
  • The world of wine is constantly changing. New regions emerge; with each successive generation producers can improve or get worse; fashions come and go; and to top it all, each new vintage shakes things up once more.
  • Last, but not least, it's experiential. You get to consume and thus 'experience' the object of your hobby. This is pleasurable!