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The wines of Bodega del Fin del Mundo, Patagonia, Argentina

Ruta Prov. 8 km. 9, San Patricio del Chañar, Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina
Website: http://www.bodegadelfindelmundo.com/
E-mail: export@bdfm.com.ar

The ‘winery of the end of the world’ is a remarkable project based in the wild Patagonia region at the southern end of Argentina . The climate here is extremely dry, with just 180 mm annual rainfall, so irrigation is needed – the water used for this comes from the River Neuquén, itself fed by Andes melt water. It’s also constantly windy, so any vineyard needs some form of wind break system to prevent the vines suffering.

This is a new venture. First conceived in 1999, when vines were initially planted in this desert-like terrain, the first commercial vintage was in 2003, following a small pilot vintage in 2002. A range of varieties are planted, mainly red. The range spans commercial wines to super-premium, and serious volumes are planned: the winery has a capacity of 6 million litres. Their excellent website is worth a visit if you want to get a feel for what they are up to.

Bodega Fin del Mundo Southern Most Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Bright, fresh, full and crisp with nice fruit. Very good 84/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Postales Malbec/Syrah 2005
Vivid, juicy red fruits nose which is spicy and savoury. A good drinker. Very good 82/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Postales Malbec 2005
Juicy, soft, spicy and satisfying. Very easy to drink. Very good 82/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Newen Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Rounded tropical fruit. Quite sweet and soft; not at all grassy. Very good 84/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Newen Pinot Noir 2005
Juicy red fruits nose.
The palate has a nice spicy undercurrent to the soft ripe fruits. Nicely poised: a rich but balanced style. Very good+ 86/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Reserva Chardonnay 2005
Rich nose with a hint of caramel. Soft, rich palate with roasted, nutty flavours. A full style. Very good+ 85/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
Bright, spicy-edged nose with some herby complexity. Soft, spicy palate is smooth and rich with sweet fruit. Very good+ 88/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Reserva Malbec 2005
Lovely deep colour.
Sweet fruit on the nose which is quite pure and soft. The palate shows smooth ripe fruits which are quite elegant. Very good/excellent 90/100

Bodega Fin del Mundo Reserva Special 2004
A blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Sweet, smooth pure nose showing red and black fruits. The palate is structured and quite spicy with nice smooth pure fruit and a bit of tannin. Very good/excellent 90/100

Wines tasted 09/06
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