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Weingut Dr Bürklin-Wolf

D-67153 Wächenheim, Germany Tel: +49 6322 95330

I haven't got a wide experience of German wines to act as a context to put these wines into: none the less, it was fun to be able to try them, and it seemed to be quite a strong line up. I suspect that these young wines need some time to show what they are capable of.

Gaïsböhl Ruppertsberg 1st Growth 1997
Sweetly fruited, intense and approachable: good.

Gaïsböhl Ruppertsberg 1st Growth 1998
Similar: slightly more acidic, with intense fruit and some mineralic notes. Good.

Wachenheimer Goldbächel 2nd Growth 1998
Slightly smoky nose. Fresh and mineralic; slightly honeyed. Good.

Ruppertsberger Hoheburg 2nd Growth 1998
Fresh and more acidic. Spicy and smooth with some honey and minerals. Nicely flavoured.

Forster Riesling Kabinett 1998
Smoky nose. Smooth, flavoursome palate. Intense and with detectable sweetness.

Forster Riesling Spätlese 1998
Richer, sweeter. Tasty. Complex, spicy stuff. Very good.

Wachenheimer Rechbächel R 1990
Golden colour. Stunning nose. Mineral-laden palate, spicy and intense. Delicious stuff and not cloyingly sweet.

(Tasted November 1999)