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Friday, October 09, 2009

Update: what I'm working on

I'm tired. It's Friday evening and soon I stop working for a day. I've spent most of today fiddling around working out how best to migrate my website to a new server (this is much more complicated and fraught with grave peril than it sounds) because of issues with bandwidth (too many visitors - a nice problem). I've also been thinking about redesigning wineanorak, which is pretty much the way it looked 9 years ago - internet pre-history, dudes.

I've also finished off my winery lists for a new book project called Opus Vino (working title) with Dorling Kindersley. I get to do Portugal (115 wineries), New Zealand (90 wineries) and Australia (300 wineries). The editor, Jim Gordon, has assembled an interesting list of mainly young contributors, including Peter Liem, Tyler Colman, Stuart Pigott and Jane Anson. It's very exciting. A flatplan of one of the map pages is above.

My book on natural wine is progressing well, although co-author Sam Harrop has just had a baby (George), and it's vintage. So he's a little behind!

I have about a gazillion things to write up for the website, too. Time for some fizz. Ruinart tonight.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Glen said...

Wow nine years without a redesign is a long time. I'm very interested in the natural wine book when it's released. Any idea when a release date might be?

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Jem said...

Who's doing south west france Jamie? Is it split up into regions or one great stonking area?


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