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Friday, October 02, 2009

2007 Vintage Port: a great vintage

Just written up the 2007 vintage Ports on the main part of the site here. If I wasn't paying for one of my children's education, I'd go big on this vintage, which I think is fantastic. I also think the 2003 vintage is equally excellent, after having retried a number of the wines.

My choices? I'd order a case of Noval, a case of Niepoort (backward but serious), a case of Taylors, a case of Graham, a case of Warre, and then some Romaniera and Silval to keep me going in the meantime. Vintage Port rocks.

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At 8:26 AM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

How often do you drink the stuff (non-professionally!)

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Alex, it's hard to differentiate my non-professional from my professional drinking
I really like to have a bottle of port on the go - a VP might last 4-5 nights - but I don't really drink it with food, or at the end of meals - it's more casual, reflective late night sipping

But maybe I should drink it more often?

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Danny said...

Haven't tried the 2007, but agree that the 03 was pretty special from the tasting I've had of it. They do make brilliant Ports!

At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Wine Gift Baskets said...

assic baby Vintage Port nose of blackberry, currant and a little bit of green lemon leaf. Full-bodied and medium sweet. There's a solid core of ripe fruit and powerful tannins, with grip. The real deal.


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