jamie goode's wine blog: The Berlin tasting comes to London - will Chile beat Bordeaux?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Berlin tasting comes to London - will Chile beat Bordeaux?

Off to the 'Berlin' tasting in London this afternoon. This is a re-run of the event where Eduardo Chadwick pits his icon wines Sena and Vinedo Chadwick against some stiff competition, blind. Crack tasters then deliver their verdicts, and the results are compiled. Is the reason top Chilean wines don't fetch first growth prices simply because we are biased against them when we see the label? Will our deep prejudices be uncovered when we taste the wines blind?

It will be very interesting, particularly if the competition to the Chilean wines is as stiff as it has been in previous years. I will be fascinated to see what my perceptions are in such a setting.

Ultimately, I think the result will depend (a) on the stylistic preferences of the tasters; and (b) on the competence of the tasters in distinguishing among wines in a blind setting. Blind tasting is difficult, and not many people are all that good at it.

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At 11:53 AM, Anonymous glenn watson said...

I don't think you ask "will chilean wine beat French wine". I don't like it when one country trys to compete with another and make their wines all taste the same. Chilean wines will unfortunately probably never be seen as good as French wine (in the eyes of most of the world) as the world has a bias towards French wine but that doesn't mean chile make bad wines. The French are like the americans at times, they make themselves the world standard and think everyone must be like them. Maybe the chilean wines will never age as well but so what, I'm sure they taste good for what they are.

Thanks Jamie for a great site and articles. I enjoy reading them each day


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