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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Portuguese wines in Edinburgh

I'm in the airport on the way back from presenting the Edinburgh edition of 50 Great Portuguese wines. It was a good day and I met some great people - but I felt bad flying in and out in one day.

This is my first time in Edinburgh, and I wish I could have allocated more time here, because it really is as lovely as people say it is. The taxi in from the airport takes you through some rather ordinary suburbs, past Murrayfield, but then when you hit the town centre it's just beautiful.

Note to self: I must come back here sometime.

The wines showed quite well today - interestingly, having tried the wines two days apart in different cities, there are some subtle differences, but this could just be me.


At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Louishorta said...

I have just discovered your blog. I don't have any comments on the Portuguese wines in Edinburg as I was not there, but since you seem to write on Portugal's wines extensibly I thought of contacting you.

I am of Portuguese origin and a Vineyard consultant in California.

I am doing an experimental small project in the Estremadura region of Portugal based on the New-World model with Bordeaux varietals to see what transformation can be achieved in that region of Portugal. If the study of Heat Summation (Thermal Sum of Efficacy) has any meaning in the potential results, I am glad to say that at our property registers (five years average) 2890 degree days "F" identical to the center of the Napa Valley. Similarly, we are on parallel 39 with the same day length and number of photosynthesis hours and the same 27 inches of average rainfall per year. Needless to say the soils are a lot more challenging and we are employing five different rootstocks in four hectare property.

You touched base on the subject of definition of
"terroir". I have written a short synopsis on Terroir that I believe addresses the central meaning of the term and it can be read in an dissertation I wrote on How to Buy a Vineyard posted at www.HortaVineyards.com

I hope to meet you someday and have you evaluate our Cabernet Sauvignon made in Portugal.

Kind regards,

Louis Horta



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