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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

50 Great Portuguese wines in Manchester

So I'm in Manchester - where, many, many years ago, I was born. I'm here for the second installment of 50 Great Portuguese wines, which this year I've been given the responsibility of choosing.

I came up on the train this morning from London. The Virgin high-speed service takes just over 2 hours, which is really impressive, and a return ticket (0920 out, 0535 back) cost me 66 a few weeks ago, which is quite good value. The train does roll, though, when it's going really fast, and I felt a tiny bit motion sick at one point when I was working on my laptop. No wireless internet, alas.

The tasting has gone really well so far. Some of the wines are showing particularly well: I'm especially keen on the 05 Vale Meao and the 05 Poeira, both of which are astonishingly good today. Truly world class. I still have a few more wines to taste, which I must go back to now. It's so good to be able to reacquaint myself with these wonderful bottles. The third installment is in Edinburgh on Thursday.



At 2:01 PM, Blogger Justin Roberts said...

Is today a root, flower, leaf or fruit day?

At 5:32 PM, Blogger AndrewStevenson said...

I enjoyed the selection greatly, Jamie, and our palates seem fairly closely calibrated on this showing.

I was perplexed by your praise for the Meao, as I'd really not rated it, finding it to have a curious meths note on the nose that came and went and a bit of a feeling of tiredness. But after you'd praised it, I went back and tried it again. The joy of a different bottle! Quite different, and really quite special.

Virgin say they will have Wifi in their Pendolinos "from Summer 2009" The daffodils are still out in my garden, so summer definitely hasn't started yet.


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