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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Socializing with colleagues

Had a nice day yesterday. Fiona and I took the dog for a walk, and then I got into my footie kit and headed over to Teddington for a game of 11-a-side. It was a rematch of the game played a month earlier, against a side who play regular 11-a-side. In the first game we lost 4-0; this time we turned things around and won 2-1. I played in central defence.

Then in the evening it was off to John Worontschak's house for a really enjoyable dinner. Tim Atkin and his fiancee Sue were also there. Fiona and younger son accompanied me, and John's kids did a great job of keeping our son entertained while we ate and drank well. John cooked the most amazing belly pork for us - close to perfect.

We drank some nice wines, but the most interesting bottle appeared at the end. It was a McLaren Vale 'Port' that John had made back in the mid-1980s with two of his winemaking buddies, and this was the last bottle.

The Singlemans Shiraz Port 1985 McLaren Vale
600 bottles made. Spicy, tarry and a bit herby on the nose, with a hint of mint. The palate is rich and dense with some freshness and structure, as well as an attractive herby character. Delicious, and with some distance to go. 89/100


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous contact said...

in my opinion, socializing is the most important part in someone's life. Without friends, family and someone to love, all the joys in the world would mean nothing.


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