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Friday, September 26, 2008

Latest additions to the main wineanorak site

It's time, again, to point blog readers to some of the latest additions to the main wineanorak site:
  • Il Paradiso di Manfredi: a report on a visit to this sensational Brunello producer
  • About me: I've updated the gratuitous self-promotion portion of my website with more details of what I've been up to
  • Colomé: reviewing the wines from this highly regarded Argentinean producer
  • Henschke: one of Australia's most famous wineries reviewed, but a discussion about their recent move towards biodynamics.
  • Bilancia: part 15 of my New Zealand series leads me to taste some impressive wines from a new boutique winery
  • Photos from the Barossa Valley: latest addition to my photo gallery, even though these were taken absolutely ages ago
  • Montana Sauvignon Blanc: an affordable iconic wine


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Salil said...

Thanks for those updates Jamie. Particularly enjoyed the Henschke and Bilancia reports. I've had a couple of Bilancia's more recent Syrahs (the 05 La Collina and the estate 03 and 06) and have been really impressed by what they're producing. Some really stunning, exciting wines - my only issue is the price (which is already nearing Cote-Rotie levels).

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Yes, saw the Bilancia Syrah in Vinoteca at £25 a pop, which is pretty expensive. It's very good, but it's a shame when the price takes it into competition with some really serious stuff.


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