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Monday, August 04, 2008

A good wine from Mallorca

My first wine from the holiday isle of Mallorca (which we, as kids, used to pronounce Majorca with the 'j'). For a ripe, warm climate wine weighing in at 14.5%, this is pretty good. And, all being well, I should be in Mallorca by the time you read this for a short break with the family.

Macia Batle Crianza 2005 Binnisalem, Mallorca, Spain
Sweet, seductive ripe fruity nose with some savoury, spicy, tarry notes. Quite sophisticated in a warm, ripe style. The palate is sweetly fruited but has bold, earthy, spicy notes, too. Nicely savoury, finishing long and earthy. A complex wine that should evolve nicely for the next three years or so. 90/100 (10.99 Noel Young, The Vineyard Dorking, Thomas Panton, Corks of Cotham)

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At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Majorca said...

I still pronounce it with a J! Can you buy the wine out there or is it for export only?

At 1:16 AM, Anonymous Dave said...

I've had a couple of good wines from Mallorca in the last month made by Miguelangel Cerda i Capo, the wines are called An Negra Vit (the black animal, which sounds ominous!)

There are 3 wines in the range, a callet, montenegro and syrah blend plus 2 Callets.Well worth tracking down if you have the time... I'd describe them as Burgundy made in southern Italy, if you get what I mean.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Yes, you can buy the wine there

dave, tips gratefully received

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Mia said...

There are plenty of lovely wines to be bought in mallorca. A visit to a "bodega" is always a good option as you get to taste the wines before you buy. Dont leave buying till the last minute though from your duty free shop at the airport as they actually are priced higher there than any of the local spanish supermarkets!!


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Mallorca said...

One of my favourite mallorca wines too.


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