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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Remarkable Spanish sweetie from Malaga

Jorge Ordonez, a well known importer of Spanish wines, hails from the southern Spanish town of Malaga. Malaga used to be well known as a region producing sweet wines, but of late has fallen from grace. But the region is undergoing a small revival: flying winemaker Telmo Rodriguez has made some lovely wines here, and there's also this beauty, the result of a collaboration between Ordonez and the late Alois Kracher from Austria. Unlike traditional Malaga, which was sweet and raisiny, this is brilliantly bright and delicate.

Jorge Ordonez & Co Malaga Seleccion Especial 2006
Made from Moscatel grapes dried on the vine. Light yellow in colour, this has a beautifully fresh aromatic nose of citrus oil, grapes and mandarins. The palate is super sweet and quite viscous, but with lovely bright spicy orange fruit and good acid providing a perfect counterpoint. Deliciously fresh, and quite complex for a young wine, this is tremendously easy to drink. 92/100 (12.99 per half, Indigo Wines, Lay & Wheeler, The Vineking)

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At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


at the beginning of the year I had the chance to taste the first vintage of a sweet wine from T. Rodriquez also from Malaga. Fantastic sweet wine!

Here is my note of 98 Molino Real "Mountain Wine"

"After the few sips at the tasting with Michael Pronay, I had the chance to drink a whole bottle over 2 days. What a beauty! A sweet-wine of 100% Moscatel, from the famous spanish winemaker Telmo Rodriguez. Lovely perfume of dry apricots and almonds. Dances like a prima ballerina on my palate, so light on its feet and elegant. Mango, almonds, apricots, lavender and a touch of orange-peel. A fine acidity contain the sweetness and provide the necessary finesse, freshness and balance........thank God not sticky sweet. This wine was selected Wine of the Year 2000 from the reliable magazine EL MUNDO. Next time I will certainly serve my pear-roquefort-strudel with this wine.........."


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Tyler Balliet said...

This stuff is great. I also enjoyed the #2 and #3. The #3 is really expensive, but the #2 hits the perfect price to quality ratio.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Justin Roberts said...

Hi Jamie. May I recommend another Malaga producer? Bodegas Bentomiz. Great wines. Also, they use a glass stopper for closure. www.bodegasbentomiz.com

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Thanks for the pointers everyone


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