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Friday, February 08, 2008

Chile movies: helicopter ride over the Andes

I'm just beginning to sort out all the material I collected on my Chile trip, which includes words, videos and pictures. Here's a short film of the helicopter ride we had over the Andes from Santiago. We stopped down for lunch in a spectacular mountain refuge.


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Looks like that was fun.

I've been thinking about video recently and it's a very problematic medium. It can be very revealing - too revealing, about people and events. Use of still photos and words is so much more controllable. I shot some footage at an offline recently and published it without thinking too much and caused a bit of upset (quite understandably in retrospect), so the thing video's best for (capturing interactive situations involving people) is asking for trouble unless done with good planning. So one runs the risk of ending up with something somewhat dull!

So I'm still waiting for you to show some video of people interacting (eg. a winemaker showing us his vineyards/vinification, or some of your mates discussing - preferably with some disagreement - about a particular wine) but I guess it's tricky to get them to agree to it.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Richard said...

As Alex points out, video seems a tricky medium to work into a blog. I have ambitions in this area but so far have not posted anything. Although, I will be adding some moose footage to my last piece - Do moose like grapes? - on Monday. See www.cutomwinesource.com. Anyway, what i really wanted to comment on was Alex's comment about upsetting people.

I reviewed a website last week - it was atrocious - and was extremely harsh in my criticism. Whether it was the devil or the cabernet in me I do not know, but I was mean. My business partner flipped out and i spent 24 hours in quite a funk as I debated removing the post entirely or adding an apology. In the end I removed it entirely and learned a valuable lesson. Be honest but professional.

IAs far as video is concerned, I definitely think there are ways to use video without risking offense, and avoiding slightly dull (sorry Jamie) scenic tours and moose footage.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Hi Jamie...

I feel the same way you do about Chile... there is something about those mountains and the place, that just captures one's soul... it's hard to describe to people who have never been, but Chile and Arg have something about them like SAfrica does - there is almost a quiet spirirituality about the place...
Hope all well!

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Just wondering if you might have slightly misunderstood my comments about upsetting people, Richard? I certainly wasn't very clear! What happened in my case was that I videoed an "offline" and published part of it (albeit with a certain degree of password protection) and one of the guys (well, the main person in the clip) was upset that I'd published footage of an ostensibly private event without his permission. I don't think he (or anyone else) would have minded at all if I'd just posted photographs (although, even then, putting their real names in would be considered an invasion of privacy - most/many people don't like being Googled).

There was another example of video with wine-tasting where I feel a big mistake was made (or rather a major opportunity missed). The video is here: http://www.tastingsessions.com/ and it's kind of OK as far as it goes BUT THERE'S NO INTERACTION! This could have been great if the panel had argued their case for a wine. So here's an idea for Jamie: Get a controversial wine (eg. Pavie 03, Zontes Footsteps, Musar, etc) and two people with opposing views who don't mind being videoed and get them to say why they like/hate it with you as the referee...

Or maybe I should not be a back-seat driver and try and do it myself?

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Sorry Alex. I got a little off topic there didn't I? You are right though..The lights dim, the spotlight cuts the darkness like a hot knife through a wedge of brie. Jamie, in a bow-tie, reaches up and grabs the mike. "In the red corner.....".

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Guys, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, video has its problems, but also offers real opportunities. Alex, I'd be happy to do on-camera heated discussions with someone else - the problem is finding someone with something to say who reacts well to being on camera


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