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Sunday, February 03, 2008

More city stuff...sorry!

In what I promise will be the last footy post for a long time (unless we win the Manchester derby next Sunday), just a few pictures from today's stadium tour. Some prawn-sandwichy seats (in the directors area); me and Rob in the tunnel; and the pitch with some of the same photosynthesis lights that I saw at the Emirates on Thursday (City still have the same pitch that was laid a few years back when the stadium opened - UTD have to re-lay theirs during each season).



At 1:31 PM, Blogger Pompey George said...

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At 2:11 PM, Blogger Pompey George said...

As a regular visitor to your site itís nice to know we have similar interests - wine and football. On match days my interests change - football then wine! Iím a Pompey season ticket holder so again we have something in common - Benjani. I hope for his sake that the transfer goes through very soon. Manchester City are getting more than a great player and in form goal scorer. His work rate is phenomenal. He runs, he chases. He has this fantastic ability to receive the ball and turn at the same time. ANDÖheís such a wonderful bloke as well, playing the game with a smile. We all love him down here in Pompey. He will become a hero just like Linvoy Primus is here, too. It was such a shock to hear he was leaving. He won't score in every game and you'll wonder why you ever signed him in the first place, no doubt, but what you will always get from Benji is effort and commitment to the cause. Iím sure it wonít be long before youíll love him too. I wish Benjani all the luck in the world, apart from Saturday 19th April when we play away to you, of course! Play Up Pompey! Pompey Play Up!


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