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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hot cross

It seems that inavertently, the Goode family has become trendy. Our new dog is a labradoodle, and labradoodles belong to the category of dogs known as 'hot cross' dogs, beloved of celebrities. Other labradoodle owners include Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (both of hip BBC motors show Top Gear) and Graham Norton.

See here, here, here (a fun article by Clarkson) and here.



At 11:14 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Hi Jamie

Iím sure your labradoodle will fit in well with the Goode household. We actually prefer real deal in our house, having three Standard Poodles.

But that is nothing to the variety of Wine Dogs that exist in wineries and vineyards.

All the best for 2007,

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At 12:08 AM, Blogger Kathy said...

I didn't even know they were "trendy" when I got my puppy Rosco. I just thought they sounded Great! I have two labradoodles now.

www.DoodleKisses.com -- stop by and look around my fun doodle owner's website!

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Adina P said...

sorry the above quote from "kathy" was from me. Was logged in to our local dog park email and forgot!


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