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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back on the Chardonnay trail

It's been a while since I reported from the Chardonnay trail. Here's another one - and I was quite impressed by it. It's from Amayna in Chile's Leyda Valley, and is the sister wine of the impressive Sauvignon I reported on a few days ago. It's big and bold with masses of concentrated fruit that's at the same time fat and fresh. Unmistakably new world, but complex and elegant with it. 14.5% alcohol and 92 points (in my book). Ambitiously priced for a Chilean Chardonnay at 16.49, but probably just about worth it.

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At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Doug said...

Not cheap is it? Roughly the same price as a 1er cru Chablis from Raveneau or Dauvissat or a decent village Puligny or Chassagne. Then the worrying bit: 14.5% alcohol (you call it fat and fresh - haven't heard those two adjectives juxtaposed for a while). The Sauvignon you describe sounds delicious, but where do these crazy prices come from: California?

At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Sounds reminiscent of that advert with the podgy gymnast...

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Doug, point well made


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