This blog is part of the main wineanorak site, which can be found at Although until recently a lot of wine content went on the blog, I’ve recently changed things round and the blog has returned to being a home for more blog-like content: a sort of online journal, mostly about wine, but taking in other aspects of life. Wineanorak has been running properly since January 2000, although it started in 1997 as a hobby site, which in internet terms is ancient history.

This is the fourth version of my blog, but everything is still online somewhere. I began blogging in September 2001 (which makes this one of the very first wine blogs, and the first in the UK), shifted to Blogger in January 2006, and then moved my blog to a more powerful platform, WordPress, in February 2010. This mobile responsive version started in late 2019.

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  1. Hi Jamie! As a regular reader of your Blog, I’m a bit confused (easily happens!) as to why there are no recent posts appearing. Currently, it opens in August 2019…so all the stuff you posted in September up until today, does not appear. Can you help with thus?

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