Wine Science Extra, a new e-book

wine science

Wine Science Extra, a new e-book

wine science extra

I have just published a new e-book, titled Wine Science Extra.

When I wrote the revised version of Wine Science (published in the USA as The Science of Wine), I was faced with a dilemma. The manuscript I submitted was 150 000 words, but the book only had room for 100 000. So lots of (what I considered, at least) good material had to be chopped.

Hence this e-book. It is not meant as a stand-alone book, in that its content lacks even coverage. It is merely a collection of chapters covering some interesting topics in wine science that I though some might find of use, as a supplement to the book.

It includes five updated chapters that had to be chopped from the new edition to make way for new material, plus a final chapter that is entirely new. This e-book would be useful to anyone who has purchased the new edition of Wine Science, but doesn’t have the first edition. The contents are:

Introduction 3
Global warming: its implications for viticulture 4
Naturalness in wine: how much manipulation is
acceptable? 19
Corks, screwcaps and alternative closures 27
Wine allergies 76
Extending lifespan by drinking wine 83
The future of wine science 93

The e-book is 26 000 words.

It is available as a downloadable pdf or via Kindle:

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