Researching my new book

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Researching my new book

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At the moment, I’m spending a good portion of my waking moments in research activity. It’s a lovely aspect of what I do: dealing with new ideas. There’s something thrilling about discovering fresh things, and grappling with areas of academic endeavour where you have to face unfamiliar concepts and see through the jargon.

The thing that really interests me is bringing together different fields of science. If you can fuse together ideas from separate fields, you can often uncover some really interesting shared principles. The way science works is that everyone ends up operating in quite a narrow field. And scientists in particular disciplines rarely speak to those working in other areas. But synthesize these varied ideas and you end up with something very interesting.

Flavour lends itself to a fully multidisciplinary approach. There’s so much to be said about the practice of wine tasting that draws on psychology, neuroscience, physiology, psychophysics and even philosophy. Getting stuck into these varied disciplines is just so much fun, and I hope this will be a really good book.

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2 thoughts on “Researching my new book

  1. I especially look forward to the book’s inevitable passages that focus on the famous inability of many many wine specialists to distinguish between red and white wines when they taste them while blindfolded.

  2. Thanks for all your excellent advice etc. Akways useful and interesting.
    Just a thought – could you make a recommendation for a ‘keeper’ (improving over say 5 years)? This would be good for anyone like me who is trying to build a small cellar of good wines.
    Look forward to your reply.

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