A wonderful Aussie Syrah with a French accent

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A wonderful Aussie Syrah with a French accent

This wine is brilliant. I really like the style, which bridges the Northern Rhone and warmer-climate new world regions. And it’s very well priced.

Domaine Tournon Shiraz or Syrah 2008 Western Victoria, Australia
Cork sealed, 14.5% alcohol. This is fantastic. Sweet berryish nose with some plum, pepper and spice notes, as well as some violet hints. There’s a freshness here, as well as some spicy complexity. The palate is richly fruited but has some peppery savouriness, as well as some meaty notes.  A really nice blend of new and old world styles. Superb. 91/100 (£12.99 Oddbins)

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3 thoughts on “A wonderful Aussie Syrah with a French accent

  1. This currently retails for £14.49 a bottle or £11.59 for a case. It dawned on me whilst standing in the London Bridge branch tonight why I often don’t buy wine from Oddbin’s. The pricing makes me positively disinclined to give individual wines a try, largely because of the huge price differential. I would happily pay £13 for a bottle of this, but paying an extra £3 on a single bottle when compared to a case feels like a rip-off. Silly in a way, I know, because other wine merchants may well adopt a similar pricing structure, but Oddbin’s advertising make it all too clear how much you’re discriminated against if you don’t buy a case of wine. This is most clearly exemplified in sales of the Dead Arm Shiraz. It’s a full £6 extra per bottle if you don’t get a case.

  2. Mark – I fully agree – especially frustrating given the high street/downtown location of Oddbins’ outlets (e.g. who’s going to lug a case from the London Bridge store onto the train home, or park in that pretty manic area of London)

    Was the discount applied to 6 bottles previously?

  3. To be honest, I don’t think so. I wasn’t accusing them of a policy change – just the variation in price difference seems so high. I’ve taken to buying from Majestic lately as they often give discounts when you buy 2 bottles of any wine, and you’re no longer required to buy a case (6 only).

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