A great value, fairly serious Riesling

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A great value, fairly serious Riesling

This is a strong contender for one of the best value whites of the year, at the discounted price of £7.99. It’s from a producer I reviewed a short while ago, Prinz von Hessen.

Prinz von Hessen Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2008 Rheingau, Germany
11.5% alcohol. Taut lime and lemon nose with a hint of honey. The palate is crisp and fresh with lovely precision, and savoury lime and mineral notes. There’s some tangerine and lemon pip character, too. Brilliant value for money. 90/100 (£9.99 Majestic, £7.99 each if you buy two)

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5 thoughts on “A great value, fairly serious Riesling

  1. I would love to get hold of this wine, but it doesn’t appear on the Majestic website.

    Any directions gratefully received.

  2. If it isn’t on the website, I can only assume either (1) it will be soon, or (2) it is available in just a proportion of stores. I’d contact your local store. It is worth getting some if you like Riesling.

  3. Thanks Jamie – I’ll pop into my local store.

    I’m organising a blind tasting for friends to explore different grape varieties, and as part of the line up I really want to pour a German Riesling Troken and see what they make of it.

  4. My local Majestic did not have any in stock but did have a bottle they were going to use for tastings. They gave me that bottle frre of charge. Excellent service!!

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