A 2007 Bordeaux that I like, and on offer, too

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A 2007 Bordeaux that I like, and on offer, too

UK supermarket Waitrose are doing a French Wine Showcase over the next month, with 25% off a range of French wines. The emphasis is on good value stuff, and there are some bargains. Here’s a 2007 Bordeaux that’s actually really nice. It’s proper Bordeaux, the way it should be, with no spoofiness, and it’s drinking perfectly now.

Château Lilian Ladouys St Estèphe 2007 Bordeaux
12.5% alcohol. Pretty respectable Claret, this. Dark blackcurrant fruit nose with a lovely savoury, gravelly edge and some subtle roasted notes. The palate shows beautiful balance between the sweet, fresh blackcurrant fruit and the gravelly, minerally, savoury core. Rounded and satisfying, and avoids being austere while still possessing some edge and bite. Drinking very well now but with the stuffing to age for five years. 90/100 (£12.99 Waitrose, here)

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3 thoughts on “A 2007 Bordeaux that I like, and on offer, too

  1. I agree, some of the 2007’s are showing particularly well at the moment. It is a shame that the Bordelais made such a cock up of the release prices following the excitement of 2005 and 2006. There are some lovely wines in the Cru Bourgeois and ‘junior’ Cru Classe area from 2007 that are beautiful now. Lilian Ladouys at 12.5% alcohol is also quite re assuring.

  2. One of the few clarets I’ve had recently that was less interesting on day 2 than day 1 – anyone else have this? Loved it the first day but found it a bit anonymous the next.

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