Video: the second mega-Champagne blind tasting!

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Video: the second mega-Champagne blind tasting!

So here it is: the second annual Champagne blind tasting. Brother-in-law William and I taste a range of top Champagnes blind, including three ringers (two of which are from England). We’re assisted by my brother Arthur who plays a cameo role somewhere in the middle. The results are interesting, and for me a little unexpected. So, with no editing, and by some distance the longest video I’ve ever uploaded, I present:

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12 thoughts on “Video: the second mega-Champagne blind tasting!

  1. Great stuff, especially Arthur’s calming influence as things got a tad emotional during the summing-up towards the end. You demonstrated nicely how allocating marks in a blind tasting can be quite a sound approach. I particulartly enjoyed Jamie’s frequent cries of ‘I’m 8.5 on that!’and his stunning impersonation of Stan Laurel at around 0.28. Rory Bremner eat your heart out. Happy New Year Jamie!

  2. Good stuff! Very entertaining.
    I used to drink a lot of the Rene Lalou (fluted bottle) when I was younger (it even appeared in a scene in the soap, Dallas, with JR and Bobby enjoying a bottle at the Cattle Baron’s Club…but I digress.) About 10 years ago I contacted G H Mumm to ask about the availability of the wine for a special b-day pressie. The email I received back said more or less, “forget this wine, it’s crap” but in French of course! I was shocked. My brother eventually tracked a bottle down and bought it from a collector and we drank it on Christmas Day 2005 – it was spectacular! So Jamie, do you know more/can you enlighten me as to this particular bubbly’s recent-ish history? I’m confused.
    I’m with you on the Belle Epoque, had a bottle on Christmas eve, extremely disappointing! Funky nose, OK mouthfeel, (couldn’t get beyond the weird bouquet), and it wasn’t the butyric acid component you alluded to with certain sparkling wines, it was just nasty!
    Can’t wait for next year’s installment…

  3. Thank you for the nice comments.
    We used the Riedel Chianti/Sangiovese/Riesling glasses in preference to flutes because these seem to work really well for Champagne tasting.

  4. Congratulations. You remained focused and produced an enjoyable and entertaining report, despite evident background disturbance!

    But Jamie, you’re a scientist. Can you truly put your hand on heart and say that these results have any statistically reliable significance?

  5. A total battering for the UK! Looks like we have a way to go yet before we can stand up to our French counterparts when it comes to fizz. Oh well, happy new year all and lets keep drinking great wine whatever style!
    P.S Jamie, I think it escaped your mind at the time (Champagne on the brain I feel) but the Marcillac wine grape is Fer Servadou – I’ll be seeking that wine out for sure.

  6. Does anyone know where I can get Drappier Carte D’or? I tried it at the champagne house last year but I don’t know where to get it.

  7. Your video has been removed from “Blip” and cannot be found on Youtube! 🙁 Would you please upload this and the first tasting as well?

    Best regards,

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  8. I second the request for reuploading the both first tasting videos. I’d really like to see all of them 🙂

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